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May 10, 2009

They just don't make albums like this anymore
Review: Jeremy & Rebecca - What We Leave Behind
The Rock and Roll Report
Matheson Kamin

With today's Clear Channel radio dial, there is one station for almost every musical taste. Gone are the days when a song from Jimi Hendrix would be played on the radio right after a song from B.W. Stevenson. Radio has gotten so segmented that there just might be a "Lite-Alternative-Indie-Rock" radio station format somewhere in America right now. So when an album that contains rock, jazz, country and other musical styles is created, the music industry is the first to take notice. In fact, the musicians in the industry may just want to take part in the creation of such an album, when the opportunity presents itself. Enter Jeremy and Rebecca.

Husband and wife Jeremy and Rebecca Hendrickson have recently released their debut album entitled "What We Leave Behind". This is the type of album that just doesn't get made anymore. And it's about time that someone made this type of release to remind people that there was a time when it was allowable to have multiple musical styles on one album.

What We Leave Behind is an album that Jeremy and Rebecca Hendrickson wanted to make. The songs on the release were penned by Jeremy and performed with Jeremy on the piano and Rebecca having the responsibility of taking the lead vocal duties on the majority of the tracks, with the exceptions like The Tallest Tree where Jeremy takes the lead. And songs like the title track of What We Leave Behind, and Made To Love You were written as duets with both Hendricksons sharing lead vocal duties.

One very evident thing that separates What We Leave Behind from many of today's commercial releases on many major record labels is the amount of people who lent their talents to the making of the album. When many labels want to make a release for as little as possible, Jeremy and Rebecca enlisted the help of many talented musicians to help create the sound that the couple was looking for. Many of the tracks contain a large string ensemble to add the right feeling to the song, while other tracks contain a full orchestra to help bring out the full potential of the song.

What makes What We Leave Behind special is what separates it from everything else out there right now: From one track to the next, Jeremy and Rebecca's new album switches gears from one style of music to another. The album starts off with Fool. Fool is a great country-flavored rock song that features just enough fiddle from musician Wanda Vick to satisfy anyone's desire for a little country music. The album's next track of Flyer sounds like something that would have been found somewhere within the career of Donna Summer. The disco-flavored song sounds like it could have been made during the peak of disco's popularity. One of the best moments on the release comes from the song Made To Love You. You can almost hear the song being remade with Trisha Yearwood and Vince Gill handling the vocals on this duet. The album contains many styles throughout its 40-plus minute running time. The CD ends with Have You Got The Time, a song that once again features Rebecca handling the vocals while Jeremy and some friends play a tune that is very reminiscent of the Vince Guaraldi Trio, with the addition of a saxophone.

The music on Jeremy and Rebecca's new CD of What We Leave Behind should satisfy lovers of rock, country, and blues, even jazz. And with the addition of both strings and a horn section, the music on the new album should make the couple a lot of new fans. If you like many different types of music, give Jeremy and Rebecca a chance.

To find out more about Jeremy and Rebecca and their new release of What We Leave Behind, go to their website at www.jeremyandrebecca.com. You can also find them on MySpace at www.myspace.com/jeremyandrebecca.