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February 10, 2009

COS Mass choirs wows its audiences
Charles Parker, COS English Professor, leads the way
Sarah Miller

The 18th Annual Gospel Music Concert took place Friday, Feb. 6. Starting at 7 that evening, the Visalia United Methodist Church grew alive with vigor as the moving music of gospel began. BSTARS and College of the Sequoias sponsored the night.

Featuring guest artists Jeremy and Rebecca Hendrickson. The singers, as well as compelling songwriters, recently released a CD.

Also joining the group that night was Shekeena Hutchinson and the 2nd Baptist Praise Dancers.

The main source of entertainment consisted of a large assembled choir of about 65 members. Some from the members are of the BSTARS, which stands for Black Students Taking Action to Reach Success.

They wish only to inspire the community, and "singing to praise God."

Choir director Charles Parker is the annual top organizer of this event, he is also an English instructor here at COS.

"It was magical! Uplifting music from a strong group of people," remarked student Tomala Marcos of the choir.

She attended the concert Friday night with her two younger daughters. Marcos explained that she and her daughters really felt moved by the praise, and it was not long before they were up dancing to the music.